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What Kick Addiction has to offer?

  • A more cost effective treatment including flights to the UK
  • Image courtesy of Nishanth Jois via Flickr

    Image courtesy of Nishanth Jois via Flickr

  • Over 200 years of staff experience in the Addiction sector
  • Covering a range of Addictions from alcohol & drugs to gambling & overeating.
  • Individual focus and support from an intense personalised treatment due to taking up to only 19 patients
  • Residential treatment provided in one of the Lords houses in the countryside of the UK
  • Professional expertise to detox as comfortably as possible
  • Treatment for physical and psychological addiction to ensure that our clients return home with all the tools they need to stay well and to live a happy and fulfilled life.
  • Supportive confidential group sessions complemented by one to one counselling sessions.
  • Multiple detox and rehabilitation programmes
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Kick Alcohol has changed my life. I had been suffering from an alcohol abuse problem for years and after making the decision to finally try and do something about it I found the Kick Alcohol website and spoke to one of their advisors. Not only were they patient and listened to me but there was absolutely no judgement, which of…

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