Drug and Alcohol Treatment

What sort of help is available?

The most important point here is that there is help available for everyone who has a problem so long as you want it! Absolutely anyone with an addiction can beat it (so long as it is not too late) and everyone can go on to lead a happy and independent life. It may not feel like a reality now but we promise you it is a truth. We know literally hundreds of people – many of whom felt like hopeless cases – who have proved that together we really can get better.

The help available comes in many different forms. Our job is to find the right help for you depending on the nature of your problem and your personal circumstances. You may need or be directed by us to any of the following

Image courtesy of Sam Caplat via Flickr

Image courtesy of Sam Caplat via Flickr

Alcohol & Drug Detox:

If you have an alcohol, drug or prescription medication addiction, you will probably need help in stopping to drink / take the drugs / medication.  Sometimes a medically supervised detox treatment is absolutely vital as it can be dangerous to suddenly stop drinking, for example. Your body has become so dependent on the alcohol or drugs that if it does not get what it is expecting, then it can go into shock – which can mean you have fits (like epileptic fits), hallucinations, sweats, shakes etc. Fits can be life threatening. So if you have been drinking or using drugs or medication for a long time, just trying to stop through willpower is not advisable.

A detox can be medically supervised at home – you will need to see your GP. It is more comfortable for you if you can have it in a detox or rehab facility as then you are kept absolutely safe away from any temptation, and are cared for during your detox. We will advise you of the best option for you, depending on your circumstances

Residential treatment:

A detox will only address the physical addiction and get your body clean. Of course this will make you feel a lot better but the psychological addiction – the constant thinking about alcohol, drugs , medication, gambling etc will remain. The chances are that if this is not dealt with then at some point you will go back to the substance you have abused in the past (relapse).

A Rehab Center  will address the psychological / mental addiction with you and help you to really gain freedom in your mind from your alcohol or drug addiction. They will give you the tools to live a clean and sober life and point you in the right direction so that this can continue once you leave their facility.

Rehab Treatment Centers are not cheap but we can make sure we recommend the most appropriate one for you that will give you the best value for your money. We will explain the costs to you in detail so that there are no surprises

We can even arrange transport for you to get to the treatment center. We want to make things as simple as possible.


Just about everyone in active addiction is not completely happy and sometimes counselling can help to address the underlying issues. If you will benefit from some one to one counselling we will be able to advise you and put you in touch with a counsellor local to you who can help and support you with getting well.

Local services:

There are local addiction services that you can access which are publicly funded. If this is the best way forward for you, we will provide information to help you to get in touch with these and advise you what they can do for you.

Local support groups:

These are a good form of support in helping many different types of people address many different forms of addiction. We can direct you towards these if appropriate.

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