Alcohol Treatment Centers

At The Haynes Clinic our primary purpose is to treat people with drug and alcohol addiction. However we do also have experience in treating people with eating disorders and gambling addictions. As a recognised residential alcohol treatment center we have 24 hour supervised detox and treatment programmes available, ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months and including intense group therapy and one to one counselling sessions.

Image courtesy of Fredrik Rubensson via Flickr.

Image courtesy of Fredrik Rubensson via Flickr.

At Our treatment center We treat each case uniquely and take the time to evaluate every individual’s needs so that we can find the best course of action. Addiction is a chronic disease that slowly takes over your life and impacts your relationships with friends and family. We realise that effective and monitored medication is required, alongside therapy and counselling. Above all however, we realise the importance of support and we provide it unreservedly.

We implement and teach our clients how to effectively engage in the 12 Step Recovery Programme which is proven to be very successful. At the Haynes Clinic we understand what alcohol dependency is like and we can spot how the harm is effecting you and those around you. With chronic drinkers there will be some withdrawal symptoms which can include mild shakes, hallucinations and convulsions. This is why we help you in seeking imperative medical assistance first.

To effectively detoxify, your slow abstinence will be monitored in a secure and controlled environment. We want to help you prevent relapsing back into excessive drinking. At the alcohol treatment center your initial chemical and physical dependency will the dealt with and overcome. After that the largely psychological dependency is addressed.

We know that it is incredibly difficult to completely give up and are aware of how challenging the withdrawal symptoms can be. We want you to be able to walk away with the right knowledge and strategies to remain sober and resist the temptation of drink when you are back in the outside world.

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