Beating Alcohol Addiction: Considering Your Past Vs Your Future

When you have taken the brave step to admit that you are suffering from alcohol dependency it’s all too easy to comb back over your recent past looking for causes and motivations that led to your current situation. After all, there must be reasons for your situation, mustn’t there? Who is to blame?

Beating Alcohol Addiction

In many cases, analysing your recent behaviour can be a beneficial process. Looking for patterns and trends that have encouraged you to drink can be very useful for helping to deal with similar situations in the future.

Examples of questions you might want to ask yourself include:

  • Are there certain times of the day that you feel more like drinking?
  • Are there certain people with whom you’re more likely to consume alcohol?
  • What situations and environments make you more tempted by alcohol?

On the other hand you may have some more positive experiences you can consider. For example, when was the last time that you avoided the temptation to have a drink? Are there any experiences in your recent past why the thought of alcohol didn’t even cross your mind? If so, why did this happen?

beating alcohol addiction

Once you highlight the “problem areas” you’ll be able to build an action plan to deal with tempting situations either by avoiding them altogether or finding new ways to react to common stimuli. You’ll also be more aware of the more positive aspects of your life where avoiding alcohol is noticeably easier than at other times. In other words, understanding where your journey began can be a helpful strategy for breaking the cycle and dealing with temptations in the future.

Equally, during the analysis process it can be all too easy to find yourself trying to point the blame for your situation; either towards others or even yourself. Perhaps you have friends with whom you regularly drink or maybe you feel that you could have displayed more self-discipline in the past. In most cases though attempting to lay the blame for your situation can be a destructive process.

When you’ve bravely accepted your problem and are actively looking for a solution the subject of “blame” can keep you from your friends and family or lead to self-loathing. Clearly this is unlikely to be a positive exercise. A smarter alternative is simply to be aware of contributing individuals but to try and maintain positive relationships with everyone possible. The support of those you hold dear can be a potent ingredient when attempting to beat any form of addiction.

In short, when analysing your past and looking for the causes of your situation, it is recommended that you analyse past situations but try not to point blame at any individuals. Try not to get angry with yourself over the situation and see yourself in a negative light. To succeed with a treatment of alcohol detox you’re going to need to believe in yourself, to remain strong and to truly feel to your core that you are now in charge of your future.

On the other hand we can look into the future. What does your future look like both with and without alcohol in your life? Hopefully you’ll find on reflection that the alcohol-free version of your future is far more tempting than the alternative.

If so, you can visualize your successful completion of a rehabilitation program and the feeling of freedom this will lead to. It’s all too easy to believe that the future is out of our direct control and instead to rely on “fate”. However one common trait among those who successfully beat their addiction is a genuine belief that they are in control of their future. The seeds we plant today become tomorrow’s trees.

So spend some time considering your future and, like a professional athlete, try to imagine what life will be like once you’ve gained control over your alcohol dependence. Use that mental imagery as a motivator.

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