Is Detox Really For You?

If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction but are ready to remedy the situation then detox is one of the most common forms of treatment available. This is for good reason as, properly administered, it can be one of the most effective strategies for the elimination of drug dependence.

However each individual case is different. While medical professionals will do everything they can to make your detox program as successful as possible, there are a number of factors that can greatly affect the overall outcome. By understanding these factors well in advance you’ll not only have a better idea of what to expect during your treatment but you’ll also greatly increase your chances of success.

Willpower & Motivation

Depending on the drug involved and your level of addiction, a carefully-administered detox can have physical side-effects while the body rebalances itself in the absence of the drug. These may include profuse sweating, shaking or blackouts and are perfectly normal and, if properly monitored by a health professional, are nothing to worry about.

However it is critical if you’re considering a drug detox program that you are aware of these risks and develop the willpower to overcome such obstacles. If you are unprepared for the possible side-effects of a detox you may find yourself being taken by surprise and, as a result, struggling to the cope with the situation.

However by preparing yourself mentally for the “hiccups” that will no doubt arise along the way you’ll find yourself better able to deal with them. In other words, while the program will do much of the hard work for you the flipside is that your own levels of willpower and motivation can greatly affect the overall outcome.

Even after detox it is possible you’ll still feel tempted to relapse from time to time and in these cases more than any other, maintaining a strong attitude is key if you’re to avoid undoing all your prior hard work.

A Change of Environment

Many drug users find over time that their home environment and social circle can become a major factor in their drug use. They may, for example, develop friendships with other drug users or at least those who are willing to overlook the situation. Much of their free time may be spent either taking drugs or spending time with other drug users. This environment can encourage drug dependency due to the way in which drugs are such a normal way of life.

It goes without saying that if you’re serious about your detox program there are risks afterwards if you head back to the very same environment that led to the problem in the first place. Many people find that consciously changing their home environment to one that is more conducive to a drug-free lifestyle can be incredibly beneficial for preventing relapses after the initial hard work has been done.

A Supportive Environment

Dealing with drug withdrawal can be made far easier with the right supportive environment. Generally even with the best treatment in the world you’ll be more successful if you have caring people you can talk to as you work through your chosen program. Whether this support takes the form of family members that are keen to support you, or alternatively professional counselling, having someone you trust and can talk openly to without them judging you can significantly improve your rate of success.

The long and short of it is that a professionally-administered detox program can form an important and highly effective way of beating drug addictions. However the detox process really is only one part of a wider process that will be far more successful if you put the right support system in place to help you continue on the road to recovery.

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