What to Look For In Addiction Treatment Facilities

Addiction treatment facility

When it comes to addiction treatment, most people require some form of intensive detox and rehabilitation in order to successfully break through their addiction. In other words, home-based treatment generally isn’t as effective as spending some time at an experienced addiction treatment facility.

There are a number of reasons why addiction treatment facilities are so effective but possibly the most important of all is that these facilities provide 24/7 support, enabling you to concentrate on recovering from your addiction. You can be certain that qualified, medical assistance will be on hand any time of day or night if you need it, and that any unfortunate side-effects of the detox process can quickly be resolved by your doctor.

A bigger question is really what to look for in addiction treatment centers. After all, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that there were plenty of addiction rehab centers around, so how do you go about choosing the most suitable treatment center for your needs?

Treating Your Addiction

Possibly the first and most important question of all is whether or not the center you’re considering actually deals with your specific addiction. It’s important to appreciate that there are a broad range of different addictions such as:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Addiction to food
  • Shopping addiction

Each of these addictions requires a slightly different process to treat, so you need to be certain that the rehab center you are considering has experience of your situation. In this way you can be certain that the team who will be supporting you not only understand what you’re going through but also appreciate the best ways to help you through your addiction therapy.


Undergoing any form of addiction treatment can be an uncomfortable experience. The physical aspects of withdrawal from alcohol or drugs, for example, can be unpleasant. In addition, the mental aspects of being cut off from your family and friends while you try to overcome your addiction can be tough. The long and short of it is that no matter how you feel right now, undergoing any form of addiction treatment can bring out the worst in us. It can make us paranoid, grumpy and rude. It’s not who we are; it’s what happens as the “drug” leaves the body for good.

In other words you’re going to be “exposed”. You’ll need to open up about your thoughts and feelings to a therapist you’ve never met before. You may need to undergo physical examinations in order to monitor your health during the process and so on. You therefore need to feel comfortable with the addiction treatment facility that you choose, so that you can make the very most of the treatment opportunities on offer.

Chatting to a number of addiction treatment facilities on the phone – or asking if you can visit them in person – can be a great way to “get a feel” of each facility and try to decide which one makes you feel most comfortable. This is normally a good sign that your stay will be as effective and painless as possible.

Success Rate

Just because some addiction treatment centers are well-known, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re effective. Equally, a center you’ve never heard of may have the best success rate going. In other words, don’t judge a book by its cover.

It is best, when enquiring about treatment, to ask about the experience and success rates in cases such as yours. After all, if you’re investing the time – and the money – to seek professional addiction therapy, you want to be certain that you have the very best chance of coming out at the end of the program as a fully addiction-free individual.


The location of your treatment center may or may not be of importance to you. For many people, however, it can be a key consideration. In our experience, patients normally fall squarely into one of two camps.

Firstly, they may want to visit an addiction facility as close to their home as possible. These people appreciate the practicality of being able to just pop down to the facility, and that once treatment has commenced, friends and family should find it easy to visit.

On the other hand, many patients prefer a complete change of scenery – and find that this helps to remove them from a place that binds them to their addiction. Some patients will travel a good distance – some even visiting overseas treatment centers (such as our UK addiction treatment facility) – in order to combine a complete change of scenery with high quality treatment.


If you want to overcome a debilitating addiction then price clearly shouldn’t be your first concern. That said, it would be wrong to assume that “money is no object”. For all but the luckiest of us, the cost of visiting a rehab center will come into the equation.

While we’d strongly advise you against making price your primary concern (surely the factors above are of greater importance?), it makes sense to ask around for pricing details when investigating a certain treatment facility. Try weighing this up with the other factors in order to make an informed decision about which facility offers the best results at the most competitive price.

And don’t assume that an overseas center will necessarily be more expensive. Some individuals find that even with the cost of flights, visiting a rehab facility in another country can still work out cheaper than visiting one in your home country, so you’d be well advised to at least consider this option.