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Kick Alcohol can help you, the chances are high that if you’ve got to this website then you do have an issue that needs addressing.

We literally hold your hand through the whole process if that’s what’s needed.

We help you to find somewhere that suits both you and the issues that you face.

Image courtesy of Gayle Nicholson via Flickr

Image courtesy of Gayle Nicholson via Flickr

How to Select the right treatment

We take the confusion and hard work out of finding the right rehab to suit your personal needs and financial status. We work with all the top rehab and detox clinics. All these are certified by the Care Quality Commission and have been carefully chosen by us to provide you with a first rate treatment programme.

It is our job to know what treatment you can receive from anywhere in the country.

At the time you pick up the phone you may feel vulnerable or be scared, remember all our advisors have been where you are, the people on the other end of the phone are all people who have experienced what it’s like to make this first phone call, probably the most significant step you can make on the road to recovery.

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