Recovery Programs

Our drug and alcohol recovery programs have been developed over the years by some of the most experienced medical staff in the industry. Constantly refined based on the experiences of our clients, our drug detox and alcohol rehab programs are designed to help you beat your addiction as quickly and effectively as possible.

Addiction Therapy As Unique As You Are

Before you begin one of our addiction recovery programs, our professional team will consult with you in order to create a bespoke plan tailored specifically to your needs. Most commonly the plans that we have found to have the best results vary between one and four weeks. Many clients opt to stay on for further treatment or to return to us again in the future thanks to the positive environment created here at the Haynes Clinic.

Drug & Alcohol Detox

Most of our drug and alcohol addiction programs begin with a detox program lasting some 10-14 days. This is one of the toughest elements of the course, as your body struggles to adapt to the lack of drugs in your system. As a result, we typically recommend against family visits during this initial period. We also dissuade patients from using mobile phones or the internet in this time.

It is also during this detox phase that chemical assistance may be required in order to help settle your nerves. In addition, extensive medical checks are necessary, particularly for those that are heavily addicted. This is because withdrawal symptoms may be experienced that require medical interventions. Our team is experienced in minimizing the discomfort you may feel and are able to prescribe effective drugs to ease any unpleasant symptoms.


After this initial detox phase you move into the addiction rehab phase. Here you will typically undergo extensive group exercises, therapy and projects to not only keep your mind busy but also to help strengthen your resolve to succeed.

Keeping yourself busy during this transition phase is important so as to not dwell on the task of beating your addiction. Therefore we aim to maintain a full calendar of events – generally providing activities from 10am right through till 5pm. A break during the day is of course taken for a hearty lunch.

Your treatment program also includes access to a deluxe local gym and health spa. Here you will be undergo a health plan that is specifically tailored for your unique personal situation and existing levels of health. Regular exercise has been shown to help take your mind off your addiction and to boost feelings of goodwill thanks to the release of endorphins. Moderate exercise like this can also make sleeping easier as well as helping to rebuild your physical well-being; something that has often become compromised during drug addiction or alcohol dependence.

Generally speaking therefore while a detox and rehab program could never be a pleasure, we do everything we can to make your stay with us as effective and enjoyable as possible. It is important to surround yourself with people who understand what you are going through and will help to give you the support and motivation you need to see it through to the end.

We all have tough times but with the right support, numerous patients just like you have successfully beaten an unhealthy addiction and been able to rebuild their life on the other side.

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