Residential Rehab

residential rehab

It should come as no surprise that beating any form of addiction takes plenty of focus, will-power and self-discipline. However it’s also worth mentioning that many of our clients who have developed an addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling have done so as a result of a habit. Over time, an occasional drink or flutter becomes an important part of their everyday life.

They start to know where alcohol can be bought early in the morning or late in the evening. They know which bars are open at inconvenient times. They know which way to walk home in order to pass a bookies and they know which race courses are open when. It’s this “local knowledge” that can help to turn a habit into an addiction.

Furthermore, over time we find ways to fit our addictions around work or family commitments. It seems to become ever easier to hide our addiction. Either that or we develop new friends for whom our alcohol or drug use is perfectly healthy; infact it may positively be the thing that holds your friendships together.

In other words, our addiction is supported in many ways by our lifestyle. Attempting to undergo some form of alcohol addiction treatment or a drug detox for example can therefore be that much harder when we try to fit it into our normal routines.

Not only can everyday life make it harder to focus on our goals of getting clean; our everyday activities can actually make it even more challenging to beat our addiction because everything around us is set up to support our addiction.

For this reason, we have found almost without exception that residential rehab courses work best for our clients. A residential drug addiction or alcohol dependence course allows you to drop out of everyday life and focus on the most important thing; getting well as quickly as possible.

Many of our clients who successfully beat their drug or alcohol addiction tell us that being surrounded 24 hours a day by a caring team of professional therapists and other recovering addicts makes dealing with the challenges that much easier. The fact is that residential rehab for alcohol detox and drug addiction are typically far more effective than other forms of treatment in our experience.

Of course your family is also welcome to visit you too, so you’ll hardly be shut off from the world. Our residential courses simply act as a “pattern interrupt” – helping to remove you from the everyday environment that has been supporting and feeding your addiction for months or even years.

Residential Rehab Accommodation

To help you focus solely on addiction recovery during your time with us, we aim to take care of as many of the practicalities as possible for you. As a result, when you visit our residential rehab center we provide well-appointed accommodation. You will have access to your own bedroom, as well as shared communal facilities for cooking, washing and socializing.

In these self-catering environments we will take you shopping once a week and help you return your groceries to home. You will therefore be able to live a fully rounded existence including socializing with other clients. Far from being a prison, we are here to help and support you in your goal.

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